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Panama Powerhouse

Panama Powerhouse

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The mother Panama Red is reared with the G13 x Widow (F6) to create this potent cannabis which is the Panama Powerhouse. Breeders are from the Dman Seeds and it has some dense and thick buds that are coated in white trichomes. Orange hairs can be found in the side of it, and the leaves are in green with violet pigments.

Flavor and Effects of Panama Powerhouse

This bud directly hits you the skunk undertone. You will be given the narcotic high of this bud that makes you better; your emotions will be better. It enhances your thoughts and formed it into a new one. You may feel hungry as the moment you take this bud.

 Medical Benefits of Panama Powerhouse

You can’t feel sad anymore as this cannabis strain makes sure you will be getting enough sunshine as this diminishes stress and bipolar disorders. A plan ahead of time will be needed as this keeps you active in doing labor works, or an ender for muscle fits.

Negative Effects of Panama Powerhouse

The parched-like feeling is associated with cannabis usage, and this was caused by the cannabinoids the buds have. It may be in the form of cottonmouth or dry throat. Along with it, this may likewise infuse you with an irritated feeling in the eyes with signs of redness.

 Growing Panama Powerhouse

This bud can be grown indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors. If grown indoors or in a greenhouse, use the correct LED lights or lamps. If grown outdoors, make sure the sun will hit every part of the strain. To achieve it, you can do trimming on this cannabis strain.

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