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The fragrance of this cannabis strain is a combination of spicy, dank, diesel, pungent, and earthy. This is a Sativa prevailing hybrid from the Dungeons Vault Genetics. An Ohio clone which is the Deathstar is crossed with the Grandpa’s Breath #7 to rear this bud.

Flavor and Effects of Palpatine

The flavors of this bud are diesel, spicy, sour, and herbal. Ballad music and calming happenings will take over in you as this bud infuses the sedative components. It also washes you with a relaxing feeling that is somewhat numbing the pains within you.

Medical Benefits of Palpatine

As this bud elevates the euphoria, it will make your mood better or these take away mental problems like depression, stress, and ADD. The components for the physical cure of this bud will take away muscle fits and cramps. You can use this at night if you wanted insomnia to be away.

Negative Effects of Palpatine

You must never let your guard down by taking this excessively. As the moment you do it so, it will then trigger anxiety and paranoia. You must note that it can’t be on the slight or mild level only. Always take caution in to rear only the minimal reactions and these are dry eyes and mouth.

Growing Palpatine

The humidity level of the growing room you place this bud must not be too high as too much of it will burn the nute. Additionally, it may hinder the growth of the leaves. This can be grown indoors or outdoors, but make sure this is within your vicinity to address arising problems.

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