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Palace Kush

Palace Kush

This hybrid is stretchy in structure and is from The Bank Genetics. The Bubba Kush hybrid is bred with the S.A.G.E to completely rear this bud. It has a large size of flowers and the aroma is reminiscent of the parent Bubba Kush. This may have a long flowering period, but surely you can harvest the best of this.

Flavor and Effects of Palace Kush

You will delight the bubble gum tone of this bud. The first onset of this bud will prompt a cerebral buzz that activates ideas and tie it together. It tranquil your sentiments, which happiness will be the number one on you. The lethargic feeling may subside as the last hit.

Medical Benefits of Palace Kush

An easing property will make clear of the mental and body problems you are feeling. These are the conditions on which this bud can heal: mood swings, anxiety, depression, PTSD, muscle cramps, chronic pain, back pain, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, and appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Palace Kush

Greening out is the second or last negative effect you can get from this hybrid. It stays within those places base on your tolerance level. Sometimes, when you are out of your tolerance, it may infuse you dizziness. The onset would be dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Palace Kush

Nourishments like nutrients are one of the best fertilizers to put in this bud. However, the best supplement is the organic one or some manures. If you are growing this in a pot, make sure it is big enough as the roots of this bud may grow long or spread too much.