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Otiels Egyptian Kush

Otiel’s Egyptian Kush

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The development of Oteil’s Egyptian Kush strain was through a partnership between the master grower, genetics aficionado of GroundSwell: T-Dogg Gardens and Oteil Burbridge.

This strain is lively and uplifting at the front, offering a blissful body effect that grabs ahold steadily without weighing down.

Flavor and Effects of Otiel’s Egyptian Kush Strain

This strain has earthy, sweet cherry, anise, and woody. Its earthiness flavor lingers onto your tongue at the first pull that becomes fresh cherries and anise after a while. It offers euphoric effects that makes you calm and relax. It is useful in treating anxiety’s which in turn makes you focus and uplifts your mood.

Medical Benefits of Otiel’s Egyptian Kush Strain

Otiel’s Egyptian Kush strain is best used for the chronic managing stress and other mental health issues as it pushes back negativity away, leaving you happy thoughts. It can help relieve depression, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, and pain.

Negative Effects of Otiel’s Egyptian Kush Strain

Users of this strain may experience dryness of eyes and mouth. Its effects after taking last for hours but are still manageable.

Growing Otiel’s Egyptian Kush Strain Some tips and Information

Users may cultivate Otiel’s Egyptian Kush strain anywhere, may it be indoor or outdoor, as its above-average resistance to pests and diseases doesn’t hinder its growth. This strain should be given enough sunlight when stored in a cultivated outdoors because, in this situation, Otiel’s Egyptian Kush strain will grow strong and healthy. Higher yields are also possible under optimal conditions with the use of advanced growing techniques.