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Bred by Mr. Nice Seeds, Ortega hails from Northern Lights #1 and Northern Lights #5. The buds have long narrow dark olive green pepper-shaped nugs with purple hues, rich amber hairs, and a thin layer of clear crystal trichomes. It emits a strong aroma of fruity spicy berry that becomes dank when the nugs are broken apart.

Flavor and Effects of Ortega

Ortega is a delicious taste of berries. Upon the inhale, its fruity blend comes with a spicy pepper note with an herbal quality.

The effects of the high start with a pain-relieving buzz in the forehead and eyes that slowly turn stoney and sleepy. A buzzing feeling will begin to spread throughout your body in warming waves, leaving you utterly relaxed and completely sedated. Thus, it is best used at night or before you go to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Ortega

A pure 100% indica, Ortega, is a perfect analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, and relaxant. It can help in the treatment of health conditions such as anxiety, cramps, depression, insomnia, migraines, nausea, spinal cord injury, and stress.

Negative Effects of Ortega.

Two of the common cannabis-induced dehydration side effects are parched mouth and dry eyes. To help reduce the reactions, it is best to hydrate before, during, and after smoking the bud. To soothe those red eyes, use a good eye moisturizer drop.

Dizziness along with anxiety may happen in rare cases. This is the result of overconsumption. Remember, just go slow with the doses and toke in moderation.

Growing Ortega

Ortega flourishes in a warm and dry Mediterranean outdoor climate. Stature-wise, it grows medium-sized with broad fan leaves of an indica. This said pruning is required to allow air and light to reach lower nodes.