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Orangutan cannabis strain is a savory indica-hybrid developed by Fireline Weed. It is the product of two-high citrus strain, which is Orange Crush and Citrus Sap along with two flavorsome and robust cannabis mainstays, GG4 and Tangie.

This strain has strong recommendation from users stating that it is excellent in the evening and night time use. Its flowers blossom with light green buds that have the aroma of oranges, grapefruit, earth and, gasoline.

Flavor and Effects of Orangutan Strain

Users can immediately be filled with intense citrus flavors with a hint of spicy-haze, black pepper, and earthy.  Due to its sour undertones, it creates a way to a hasty physical reaction as well as a euphoric headband feeling that makes them giggly.

Medical Benefits of Orangutan Strain

Orangutan strain is said to be ideal in treating conditions such as chronic stress; it relaxes the mind and lesson negative thoughts while keeps your power-up. It also relieves a variety of types of aches and pains. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that lessen the redness and swelling

Negative Side effects of Orangutan Strain

Many people love the positive effects of this weed, but one of the problems or adverse side effects is that its high does not last that long.

Growing Orangutan Strain

This strain is easy to cultivate. This strain likes warm and dry outdoor weather so that it could thrive. The flowering period of this plant is usually best left extended to gain more yield.  By temporarily closing the strain will aid to stay warm and protect it from possible snowy weather.

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