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Orange Durban

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If you’re a fan of Durban Poison and Orange Juice Bud, then you must try their daughter strain, Orange Durban. She’s a fruity and more potent version of African landrace Durban Poison showing Sativa dominance. With a strong aroma of oranges, pine, and earthy undertones, Orange Durban is an excellent choice for starting your day.

Flavor and Effects of Orange Durban

With her rich lineage, Orange Durban has flavors that describe its name perfectly. This cannabis offers a strong taste of orange with sweetness in every smoke added with hints of pine and earthy touch. Orange Durban is potent cannabis. It produces a euphoric effect leaving every consumer energized, focused and creative at higher levels.

Medical Benefits of Orange Durban

With many ailments able to treat, Orange Durban’s top of the list is depression and stress. The relaxing and energizing properties of this weed help patients cope up with these conditions while fatigue, pain, and headaches were also treatable by this strain.

Negative Effects of Orange Durban

While many cannabis lovers love its recreational and medicinal capacity, users must also not forget that Orange Durban is heavier than its parents. This implies that she’s more potent and the possibility of getting paranoia and panic effects should put into consideration. This adverse effect is manageable with a reasonable dose.

Growing Orange Durban

She’s not difficult but not easy to cultivate. Though novice growers are welcome to try cultivation Orange Durban, experience and knowledge are still a plus. Growers may choose either indoor and outdoor cultivation, this lady thrives both anyway. As long as a good growing environment and basic care are given, Orange Durban is quite a rewarding strain.