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OG Los Angeles Kush

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Produced by Los Angeles Kush, OG Los Angeles Kush is a kept secret hash of unknown origins. This award-winning cannabis carries an aroma of pine and diesel. The dense moss green nugs are covered in twisting yellow pistils, sticky resin and a coating of chunky trichomes that sparkle in the light.

Flavor and Effects of OG Los Angeles Kush

OG Los Angeles Kush is a strong taste of diesel and pine.

Its moderate cerebral and body high induces euphoria and happiness with a moderate body buzz that leads to deep sedation. It will make you feel hungry, as well. Utilize it in the evening to get the best results from this potent indica strain.

Medical Benefits of OG Los Angeles Kush strain

Indica leaning, OG Los Angeles Kush has great numbing and sedative effects. It is medical marijuana proven to be beneficial to those who have chronic pain, depression, spasms, stress, insomnia, nausea, and loss of appetite.

It acts as a powerful analgesic, anti-depressant, relaxant, and appetite booster.

Negative Effects of OG Los Angeles Kush.

You may experience greening out with this strain. This is characterized by dizziness, along with anxiety and sometimes headaches. This rarely happens and should not cause you to fret. Just put in mind not to smoke too much of what is tolerated.

Also, moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids in cannabis can cause slight dehydration. You may feel your mouth and eyes a bit dry. Ingesting sufficient amounts of fluids will mitigate the effects. Keep an eye moisturizer drop handy as well to soothe those red eyes.

Growing OG Los Angeles Kush

OG Los Angeles Kush thrives both indoors and outdoors. It is a moderately difficult plant to cultivate since it is kept and bred privately with little information available to the public. Indica-wise, it prefers a cool climate but can survive warm climates as it is a sturdy plant. It tends to grow short and with thick foliage that offshoots laterally strong branches. It is best practice that you prune and trim the broad leaves and the dead ones to permit better air and light throughout the plant. Choose high-quality organic soil for planting. Check the pH of the plant at the roots. Don’t forget to feed it with the proper amount of nutrients, as well.