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NYPD, or better known as New York Power Diesel, is a Sativa-dominant strain developed by Nirvana Seeds through crossing Aurora Indica and a Mexican Sativa called Eldorado. Despite the strain being Sativa-dominant, its effects balance with its Indica genetics, offering a beautiful blend of high-powered upper and downer influences with an uplifting feeling in-between. True to its name, its deep green nugs with pieces spade-like shape have a funky diesel aroma combined with the sweet citrusy smell of lemons, which is perfect for diesel fans. This cannabis is excellent anytime, may it be daytime or nighttime.

Flavor and Effects of NYPD Strain

NYPD has a flavor that’s very citrusy and tangy with a pungent earthy overtone that immediately gives off a sour diesel upon exhale. The stench is very heavy, with a dank earthy hint accented by sweet diesel and a touch of citrus. The high of NYPD hits you instantly with happy-go-lucky notes. The effects are also long-lasting, beginning from a tingly feeling in your fingers, then this moves up to your head and spreads throughout your entire body, bringing you to a cloud nine plus a boost of energy without having any racing thoughts or overt adrenaline. Thus, this strain is excellent for relaxation and social situations, making you all giggly and chatty without giving you a couchlock.

This strain is highly clear-headed with a high giving you full sensory awareness that you can enjoy to provide you a creative space that increases your focus and clarity, which is beneficial in accomplishing your tasks. Enjoy it at any time of day at any experience level and marvel at how good you feel.

Medical Benefits of NYPD Strain

Because this cannabis has a high average THC level of 15-24% that brings you to a relaxing state, NYPD is excellent in relieving stress or depression and other mood-related disorders, including bipolar and ADHD. It also alleviates other conditions such as muscle spasms or tremors, cramps, inflammations, fatigue, and chronic pains.

Negative effects of NYPD Strain

NYPD can, however, agitate anxiety and may cause minor dizziness if consumed in high doses. So, be cautious of how much you’re consuming if you don’t want to experience a spinning sensation that can lose your balance, especially for users who suffer from anxiety or PTSD. Also, in some cases, this strain cause dryness in the mouth and eyes.

Growing NYPD Strain

Growing NYPD may be its only drawback if you are a novice user with less than a green thumb. This plant is advisable for intermediate level cultivators and above. This bud can grow indoor or outdoor systems, and flowers after 8 to 10 weeks. If the plant’s pungent odor is not desirable, gardeners will have to install a smell proof system. It will then produce an above-average yield in the right conditions.