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NY Cheese

NY Cheese is a strain that has a mysterious past where the breeders nor its lineage is release to the public. This strain is heavy in sativa and is  created by crossing renowned two strains, which are the Cheese and NYC Diesel.

Flavor and Effects of NY Cheese

NY Cheese strain offers the cheese, sweet, creamy, diesel, and pine flavor. The first whiff-off of this strain will elevate your mood and lulls you in laughter as it increases euphoria. Also, this will keep your spirit uplifted and thrives on unlocking your creativity. Also, this is strain is great to take after a long hard day.

Medical Benefits of NY Cheese

Breaking the chains form all unpleasant thoughts that will drive you in the state of depression will be tone down if you take this strain. On the other hand, this strain will help in curing bodily pains like headaches or migraines. Also, this strain is great in handling various types of fatigue. Moreover, this may best relieve eye pressures.

Negative Effects of NY Cheese

Taking this strain in low or high dosage will let you experience the drying of your mouth and eyes.

Growing NY Cheese

Cultivating this strain is not easy. However, it can be grown indoors or outdoors with a warm climate. This strain gives the thin structures on its branches that are quite easy to break from the heavyweight of buds and strong gusts of the wind. Growing this outdoor is quite discourage as this strain is not resistance to pests and not adaptive to weather changes. Hence, this strain is highly advised to be grown indoors with a controlled climate such as lighting, temperature, and humidity.

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