Cody Oebel, which is the owner and breeder, produced a bold and varied hybrid, which is the NukeHeads. This strain is known to produce massive plants that give and grow thick, dense foliage. Also, this strain shows fat leaves from indica phenol behaviors and may produce thinner leaves its sativa genes will dominate.

Flavor and Effects of NukeHeads

NukeHeads gives a head-up flavor of tart and citrus with a touch of pungent tone and skunky, herbal taste that will surely make you enjoy consuming this. This well-balanced hybrid gives both cerebral and physical effects in regards to its parent’s line. Thus, this draws your sense of haziness and makes you more wanted to relax for long hours. Upon smoking or consuming this, this raises your energy level in a high state which is great to finish some to-do-list.

As this strain increases euphoria, this will send happy thoughts in the mind and heart, which will automatically uplift your mood and spirit. Also, this gives the giggle aura which is a factor to help keep positive thoughts mostly. On occasions where you wanted to keep in line with the people together with you, especially strangers, then this taking this strain would help you in achieving that as it heightens boldness in you.

Medical Benefits of NukeHeads

NukeHeads, with too much precaution on using this with the right amount will consider healing various types of sickness in health and mind. Thus, taking this would help you manage stress and overcome depression. This strain is best on sedating your limbs which then draws your body to sleep easily, and the best cure for insomnia.

Also, if you wanted to ease the pain which you have suffered for so long, then this will help you with that. From a long hard day or hard task that sends fatigue on your back, then taking this would relieve that pain. Furthermore, this may send a chilling soothing effect if you are dealing with inflammation. And if you wanted to gain some weight, then this helps you to elevate your appetite.

Negative Effects of NukeHeads

NukeHeads will give you the effect like a nuke in your head if the dosage is too much. Thus, this will let you experience headache, dizziness, and occasionally paranoia. But, if a low dosage of this will be consumed, then the drying of mouth and eyes would be experienced.

Growing NukeHeads

In a warm and sunny climate, this strain would be best to grow and achieve its best potencies. Thus, this can be grown indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. NukeHeads best give it’s resinous buds and height when indulging in a hydroponic setup. Growing this would require some effort as it’s not easy to grow, so growers are encouraged to use fertilizer.

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