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Nothern Cross

Nothern Cross

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The two sativa-dominant hybrids, when cross, will surely result in a sativa-dominant hybrid. Northern Cross is breed by more weight in sativa by the Glen’s Plant Farm. This strain is created by combining the genetics f Chernobyl x Permafrost. In appearance, this strain gives lumpy dense neon green nights with orange hairs that coated in crystal trichomes. Hence, this strain can be used throughout the day.

Flavor and Effects of Northern Cross

This hybrid will give you the flavor of citrus and fruity touch with hints of sweet and tangy undertones. Northern Cross will come in crossing your mind with much euphoria and tends to make you feel happy. Thus, this gives the feeling of a body-high state that also uplifts the spirit and then lulls you in a deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of the Northern Cross

This hybrid is known for its healing ability. First, this gives great medication on glaucoma. Second, this sends the brain on to ease down mood swings and depression. Lastly, it will relieve any type of chronic pains, and a concrete example of it is a migraine.

Negative Effects of Northern Cross

Crossing with the negative effects, this strain will give you dry mouth and dry eyes for the novice or even seasoned consumers. Dizziness and anxiousness may be experienced by novice consumers or when the dosage is too much.

Growing Northern Cross

Growers who wanted to cultivate this strain should choose either indoors or outdoors, as this strain is adaptable to any environment. Hence, best advised is the warm and Mediterranean-like climate and an environment where it is free from disease or any type of pests. Also, growers should often be pruned to get the best yields.