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North American Sativa

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This strain refers to any landrace Sativa dominant weed flourish in the North American region. North American Sativa is famous in countries like Mexico, the US, and Canada. Though it has major Sativa properties, depending on the latitude of where it grows, there are some North American Sativas that show indica nature in a small percentage. Though each species has a different aroma, all of them follow the same line of earthy and woody with herbal senses.

Flavor and Effects of North American Sativa

This landrace offers a vast variety of flavors ranging from chemical, nuts, wood, tea, spice, and pine. All of these refresh the mouth leaving a smooth feeling after every exhale. North American Sativa gives off to a more focused and happy effect. She’s a good activator of communication and North American Sativa surely leaves you talkative.

Medical Benefits of North American Sativa

Having a list of ailments she can treat, North American Sativa is known to help patients with ADHD, depression, and fatigue. She is also a good answer to nausea and stress.

Negative Effects of North American Sativa

While this weed has moderate THC content, its Sativa nature should not be undermined. One of the side effects of this marijuana is the possibility of paranoia especially when taken in excess amount. Moderation during consumption is recommended with North American Sativa.

Growing North American Sativa

Even she thrives both in outdoor and indoor growing, the special requirement of North American Sativa is a warm environment. Though it takes a long time before harvest, your patience of waiting will truly pay when it gives you a higher yield during the harvest season.