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Nordle strain is named after Haward Mark’s (Mr. Nice) code word for “hashish” in the year 1960s to 1970s. It is a cross of Afghani and Sensi Star strains.

The buds of this strain are very tight, ahs a cone shape, highlighting both light and dark green tones along with hints of purple. The resin it carries is sticky, yet its color and texture are pure. A lot of people, especially beginners, loved this strain due to its THC content, which is very low compared to other strains. Lastly, this strain is suitable for evening and night time use.

Flavor and Effects of Nordle

Nordle is moderately potent. It has a tangy, yet honey flavor that is slightly fruity when smoked. The skunky smell of this strain is less pronounced, and the accompanying notes of berry make its smell more pleasant. It also has a lingering spicy taste that helps the smoke smooth on the throat of the users. Its effects bear a unique blend of total relaxation, followed by motivation and focus. It gives users endless energy, and it will help them more mentally clear. It can also make users talkative and upbeat and can help users finish their works before heading home for a relaxing comedown.

Medical Benefits of Nordle

Nordle’s most useful benefit for the users is to give comfort. This strain relieves patients with chronic illnesses such as cramps, muscle spasms, and headaches. Due to its sativa and indica properties, it can give full-body relaxation and can enhance mood to help provide relief from stress. By making smokers so much happiness, depressed patients find depression more manageable.

Negative Effects of Nordle

The common side effect of this strain is dry mouth and dry eyes. Even though it can induce buzzing head high for the users, it can still cause them to feel dizzy. In some instances, it also causes others to feel more paranoid and anxious. Due to its low THC level and only has several side effects, people love to smoke this.

Growing Nordle

Nordle is not a difficult strain to cultivate. Beginners can even plant this without the help of experts. This plant thrives equally well in both outdoor and indoor settings. If planted indoors, growers must use hydroponics techniques for explosive growth. While if this strain planted outdoors, growers must expose to the right amount of sunlight to develop beautifully.