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Nina Limone

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Colorado Seed Incorporated crossed Super Lemon Haze with Rebel God Smoke creating the Nina Limone cannabis. She is a Sativa dominant marijuana known for its resin-rich nugs. Though Nina Limone has a lower yield compared to other strains, when it comes to potency, Nina Limone offers you more than enough. It’s a great choice to start your day as it kicks your morning with a great flash.

Flavor and Effects of Nina Limone

When you smoke Nina Limone, you’ll slowly recognize the flavors of citrus and pine. In every exhale you’ll taste the lemon and lime flavors leaving freshness with every smoke. Nina Limone is also known for its euphoric effect making you happy, uplifted, and energized. It is also a good work buddy as this weed helps you become more creative in everything you do.

Medical Benefits of Nina Limone

This marijuana strain is one of the most recommended anti-depressants. She’s also suitable to use for people suffering from fatigue and an efficient reliever of headaches and glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Nina Limone

Dry mouth is the major negative effect of Nina Limone. More than that, people with anxiety are not recommended to use this weed. With its potency, Nina Limone is suitable for people with a high tolerance of THC only.

Growing Nina Limone

This marijuana is neither easy nor difficult to grow and all types of cultivators may try Nina Limone. While she grows both indoor and outdoor, this strain has quite a lower yield and every grower must make sure that the growing weeds are taken care of properly.