Nightmare OG

Nightmare OG hybrid is created by crossing the genetics of OG18 and White Nightmare by the Sin City Seeds  to celebrate one of the favorites strains from DNA Genetics, which is the OG18. The fluffy frosty minty green nugs together with the fat orange hairs and tiny white crystal trichomes this strain will give beauty on.

Flavor and Effects of Nightmare OG

Nightmare OG gives the lemon taste with the hint of spice, pine, and tone of berry, and will let you enjoy upon taking this strain. Thus, first take on this strain will give the feeling of buzz, which will leave you unfocused, but on the latter part will send high cerebral energy of being uplifted. As the mind is captivated into the new extent of happiness, then this will give you now the best numbing relaxation with then draws your body immovable for hours as so enjoy much of the no-doing or exerting effort activity.

If you had a party appointment that needs to socialize with other people, then taking this strain would be best on that as this sends chemicals to your guts and asks you to initiate socially. Thus, this is also good for enhancing creativity.

Medical Benefits of Nightmare OG

The hard-hitting effect of this strain is the best remedy for some pain, disease, or condition. Conditions such as ADD or ADHD (or even those who are just showing symptoms of these two) would be cured by this strain. Thus, this can cure chronic stress, and this strain gives more weight to good thoughts than the opposite one.

Too much extend of energy and effort to accomplish some things, resulting in chronic pains, would be relieved of this strain. Hence, it also relieves migraines or headaches and muscle cramps or spasms.

Negative Effects of Nightmare OG

Giving the high-hitting effect of this strain will result in anxiousness as this will tends to make you feel unfocused if not handled properly or when using is too much. Thus, this blatantly gives the feeling of drying your mouth and eyes (like any other strains do). Also, this may drive you in a state of dizziness, and headache.

Growing Nightmare OG

Nightmare OG strain can be grown indoor or outdoor. The warm temperature in the climate is best to get the best results on this strain. Thus, an ample amount of water and light to penetrate through should be given as it helps to achieve the potent yields. Usage of fertilizer is encouraged to grow more buds. Thus, this can only achieve that if the environment is free from pests or any type of disease that would harm the strain. Furthermore, growers should monitor this strain for best growing.

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