Nightmare Cookies

Nightmare Cookies is created by crossing the genetics of White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies. This hybrid gives the pleasant combination of hues like the merging of purples color and bright orange in the plant’s pistil. Despite its name, this strain will never give you a nightmare as this just tends to give reveries.

Flavor and Effects of Nightmare Cookies

Per to its name €œNightmare Cookies,€ this strain gives the taste of a cookie with the touch of soft sweetness together with earth and pine touches. The high effect of this strain will automatically hit euphoria and increases it on another level, which will launch your mood on another new level with happiness, which is the center of thoughts.

The high-hitting effect of this strain drags you in just seconds in the realm of dreaming, which is an easy giving couch-lock strain. Thus, this sedates the body and will infuse deep relaxation whenever you are sitting or lying.

Medical Benefits of Nightmare Cookies

Cookies before bedtime are great as it gives the sweet soft taste that will satisfy your stomach. Thus, this Nightmare Cookies hybrid is so great to consume in the evening as it gives the sweet soft effect in the body that would lull you to sleep. Thus, this is the best remedy for people who are having insomnia. Furthermore, this strain will be a great remedy for depression.

If you are losing your appetite and wanted to get it back, then taking this strain will help you with that aspect. Nightmare Cookies is a hybrid cookie that will give you the loveliness of an everyday meal together with a snack. Thus, on another aspect, bodily issues €“ this strain is the best remedy for curing pain. Migraines and headaches, which lead you in no good sense, will be eased by this strain. Also, muscle cramps will be relieved of this.

Negative Effects of Nightmare Cookies

If so, this Nightmare Cookies gives too much daydream. Thus, this may also give some nightmare to you. Low consumption, the novice users, or even the seasoned users, would feel the drying of their mouth (cottonmouth) and eyes. Occasionally, the drying of your eyes makes results in more irritated eyes. Additionally, novice users, users with high consumption on this, will experience dizziness, headaches, or paranoia.

Growing Nightmare Cookies

Growing this strain won’t be so hard or easy. The proper cultivation techniques would be best applied in order to get the best potency. Thus, this strain can be grown indoors or outdoor. The usage of soil as a medium should be given. In a warm and sunny climate, this strain is also best to grow its yield perfectly. The light needed to penetrate, and a proper amount of water should be implemented. Fertilizer using is rarely-advised. Hence, you can still add it up.

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