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Night Terror OG

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Bred by Oklahoma-based Rare Dankness Seeds, the Night Terror OG is a cross between the Blue Dream strain and the Rare Dankness No. 1 strain. Contrary to its name, this strain can provide you with one of the most relaxing sleep you will ever have. Its nugs are a sight to behold with their bright green colors. Bold orange hairs and a thick layer of golden trichomes add to the already striking look.

Flavor and Effects of Night Terror OG

The Night Terror OG marijuana strain offers the perfect flavor combination of ripe blueberries and diesel. It is both sweet and funky, a favorite for many cannabis users. The effects of this strain are heavily indica that starts with a stimulating mind buzz. The onset of the high reveals itself with intense pressure behind the eyes and temples that are completely pleasing. This buzz spreads throughout the body, and you will find your mood, and spirits were uplifted. Physically, you will feel more relaxed and calm. Soon, you will struggle to keep your eyelids open. After an hour or two, you will eventually end up in a sleepy comedown.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Night Terror OG

Unsurprisingly, the Night Terror OG strain is a gift to patients who are struggling with sleeping disorders or insomnia. Despite its name, it can easily provide you with the best sleep you have for ages. One that is deep and fulfilling. Mental ailments such as depression, stress, and anxiety are also easily numbed by this strain. The mental buzz fills you up with happy, hazy thoughts that push out any self-doubts and harmful ideas. The Night Terror OG is also a great bud for pain relief. Any instances of physical pain, like migraine, spasms, and joint inflammations, are treated by this indica dominant plant. Before the comedown, the strain will trigger the munchies, so anyone who is struggling with eating disorders can find this strain useful in stimulating their appetites.

Negative Effects of Night Terror OG

Usual effects from this strain include cottonmouth. You will feel your throat dry up and parched. This is often accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. The good news is that both of these symptoms are mild and can easily be managed by downing glasses of water during the high.

Growing Night Terror OG

The Night Terror OG can be grown indoors and outdoors. After a flowering cycle of 8 to 10 weeks, this plant produces a moderate to high yield of beautiful nugs that are the perfect ends to any day. The plant is relatively easy to grow. As long as it is provided with the appropriate amount of love and care, growers will be rewarded handsomely. One thing to note is that the pungency of this plant requires growers to invest in carbon air filters or exhaust fans to be able to control its strong odor.