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Night Nurse

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The Night Nurse cannabis strain was created through a three-way cross of the BC Hashplant, Harmony, and Fire OG Kush strains. It’s an indica dominant that is aptly named as such because of its sedating properties. The plant of this strain is highly distinguished by its oversized nugs that are neon green in color and covered in golden trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Night Nurse

The aromatic profile of the Night Nurse cannabis strain is rather masculine with a delightful combination of coffee and earth. Hints of floral scent balances this manly combination. While it is a highly sedating strain, it gives out an interesting strong coffee flavor, with subtle notes of sage. On exhale, you will still taste the coffee flavor, although instead of invigorating you, it is slowly calming you to the point of laziness.

This strain is strongly recommended as a natural sleep aid because of its ability to render users incredibly sedated. Its onset is a creeper. It gently uplifts your mood with a tingling sensation all over the body. Slowly, its sedative properties will take over. It starts with a hazy stone that removes any mental acuity and motivation. You will feel all your mental and physical problems soothed out. You will feel good about yourself. And even more happy thoughts will fill your mind as the high progress and as you are being pulled deeper into a fulfilling sleep.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Night Nurse

The Night Nurse is known for two main medicinal benefits. First, it is a very effective pain reliever. Any aches and pains ranging from mild headaches to stomach aches to muscle spasms and fibromyalgia are easily soothed by this strain. Unsurprisingly the Night Nurse is, of course, especially helpful for patients struggling with insomnia. Its sedative traits will ensure that they are going to dreamland within one to two hours after the first puff.

Negative Effects of Night Nurse

You should never underestimate the potency of this strain despite its average THC levels. In high doses, the Night Strain can cause headaches and dizziness despite your personal tolerance levels. It can also lead to dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Growing Night Nurse

The Night Nurse can be grown indoors and outdoors. The plant, however, prefers the outdoor environment and can reward its users up to 28 ounces of its elongated buds when provided with the appropriate amount of care, sunlight, humidity, and a temperature it demands. Like most indica plants, the Night Nurse has a relatively fast-growing time as it can begin its bloom stage as early as seven weeks.