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Nice Cherry

This type of strain is an Indica-dominant strain that is a hybrid between Cherry and the calming effect of Mr. Nice. This bud delivers a rush of cerebral high that instantly boosts the consumer’s mood and relaxes the body.

It also activates a person’s appetite while it lets you stay focused to make you productive all day long.

Flavor and Effects of Nice Cherry Strain

Just like the name suggests, this cannabis is known for its taste of Sweet Cherry. It has a flavor of cherry mix with blueberry and grape, which has a skunk blended with damp earth aftertaste. With just one pup of this strain, users will be in a deep euphoric state that reciprocates happiness. Excess effects of this strain leave the user to lock in the couch.

Medical Benefits of Nice Cherry Strain

The versatile properties of nice cherry strain offer various utilities in the medical field. It appeases chronic pain, appetite loss, depression, and even fatigue. It is also the right antidepressant and also relieves mental conditions like PTSD.

Negative Effects of Nice Cherry Strain

The head rush caused by the cerebral high of nice Cherry may adversely result in headaches. So, novice consumers should also take it slow with their doses. Users may also have dry eyes, dry mouth, as side effects.

Growing Green Nice Cherry Strain Some Information and Tips

This cannabis has a great Indica-structure, which makes it naturally sturdy. If cultivated indoors, growers should keep the temperature below 26°C, especially as it undergoes the flowering stage. Nice Cherry’s pungent scent can sometimes be too overpowering as it hits the flowering stage. Hence, breeders that wish to stay low-key must capitalize on an excellent odor-control system.

Best Place To Buy Nice Cherry

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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