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New Glue

New Glue hybrid (GG5) gives you the feeling of being €œglued€ to the things which you ought to do or not. This strain is created by crossing the genetics of Sister Glue (GG1) and Original Glue (GG4) by the GG Strains.

This hybrid gives the €œnew€ pleasant looking plant with large buds and lots of branches. The light minty green nugs with the touch of light can ochre hairs coated in light ochre crystal trichomes that looks like an €œalmost like a blanket of frost€ this strain will give you the beauty on it.

Flavor and Effects of New Glue

The touch diesel and spicy flavor this strain will give. New Glue (GG5) gives the high effects in a creepier sense as it suddenly gets an immediate hold with your body and sending the stoney feeling that leaves you the thought of not wanting to accomplish much of anything. This strain will easily send you in deep couch-locked which is great to take if you want to achieve a deep state of relaxation where no one can disturb you.

As this strain increases the euphoric level, users will be driven on too much happiness. Also, this helps in boosting up the spirit and can be a good cheerleader strain to overcome negativity vibes. Furthermore, after staying up late for days doing some tasks, and you wanted to have a long beauty sleep, then taking this strain would help you to achieve that. New Glue (GG5) is best on putting you in realms of dreaming and getting back the hours you lost after staying too much.

Medical Benefits of New Glue

New Glue (GG5) gives astounding effects that are heavier than its parents’ strain. First, this strain is the best sleeping aid as it cures insomnia. Second, the rampant issue nowadays, which is depression, would be relieved by this strain. As this strain is best on elevating your thoughts, then this is a great remedy for managing then overcoming depression. On another aspect, the physical pains would be now easily relieved in just a simple whiff-off. Any type of chronic pain, short-termed or not, accidental or not, taking this strain would ease away the pain on that. Specifically, pains like migraines, headaches, cramps, inflammation, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of New Glue

In too much dosage or novice users may experience dizziness, headache, or paranoia. However, if a low dosage of this strain, whether seasoned or novice consumer, this will let you experience the drying of mouth and eyes.

Growing New Glue

In a Mediterranean-like climate, this strain will be best to grow. Thus, it can be indoor or outdoor, or even in a greenhouse. If grown indoor, use the Sea of Green (SOG) method as this helps he strain to release its best potency. If grown outdoors, the place should be free from pests or any type of common diseases.

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