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Neville’s Haze

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Being the winner of the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, no wonder Neville’s Haze has a quiet good name in the Cannabis industry. Its skunky aroma subdues as you savor its rich flavor of both citrus and lemon with added spicy and sweet in every hit. With 21% of THC content, this Sativa dominant cannabis strain boasts its euphoric and uplifting effect in every use. It surely leaves you happy and more creative.

While its THC content greatly helps your day, a moderate dose is recommended. Its euphoric property will surely give you drawbacks when taken in more significant amounts. Having great buds, Neville’s Haze is among the right choices for both growers and users. What a great kick-starter of the day! Perfect for daytime dose.

Flavor and Effects of Neville’s Haze

Because of its strong lineage, Neville’s Haze offers a lot of flavors. From being skunky, you’ll also savor the combination of sweet and spicy added with citrus and mossy effects. The perfect combination of these blends makes the strain one of the most loved by many cannabis enthusiasts. Since Neville’s Haze is highly potent cannabis, a euphoric effect is felt in every use. It leaves you happy and energetic while boosting the creativity inside you.

Medical Benefits of Neville’s Haze

Coping with stress and depression is possible for Neville’s Haze. While giving you a clear head while high, it does a great job of giving you a relaxing mood after so much work in the day. Just like other THC rich strains, Neville’s Haze has also been known to treat PMS, pain, PTSD, insomnia, glaucoma, and anxiety. Many patients who have been treated with this strain find it helpful in their medication as long as moderation in every use is observed.

Negative Effects of Neville’s Haze

While moderation is suggested, too much consumption of Neville’s Haze causes dry eyes and mouth at the same time. While dizziness is also its adverse effect, paranoia and feeling anxious might be felt with users in larger amounts. Though Neville’s Haze has been famously used to treat many diseases, novice users must take precautions before using it.

Growing Neville’s Haze

Many growers think that growing Neville’s Haze was only for those highly experienced. The fact is anyone can do it. However, a thorough knowledge about the strain and its growth patterns must be achieved by anyone who wishes to cultivate this strain. Be mindful that authentic Neville’s Haze is quite picky when it comes to Ph level. This is why most growers had a hard time growing their weeds since it has a long flowering phase. Though this strain grows both indoor and outdoor, many growers suggest indoor growing through hydroponic techniques.