Neroli 91

This well-balance hybrid is created by crossing the genetics of Skunk VA and Wookie 12. This strain is near to perfection on the cannabis hybrid synthesis, and this is best to use for if users wanted to sit down and do self-reflection or some introverted activities.

Flavor and Effects of Neroli 91

Neroli 91 hybrid gives the citrus, dank, funky, and floral touches of flavor. Taking this strain will give you a cerebral body high that will somehow give your brain more clarity. Hence, this will inject more relaxing and peaceful moments with your body. Also, this strain is best on motivating you to do something new out of your ideas and drives you in much artistry. Furthermore, this strain will help you in socializing.

Medical Benefits of Neroli 91

The medical benefits of Neroli 91 are that this strain is great on easing the chaotic thoughts of yours and makes it tangle in a place. Which then this strain is best on managing and lowering down depression. Also, this can cure overall stress in your mind. On the other hand, Neroli 91 hybrid is a great remedy on bodily aches like migraines and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Neroli 91

Neroli 91 is a strain that will introduce yourself to the feeling of drying your mouth and eyes. Well, too much consumption of this will send your mind to dizziness, ache, and sometimes paranoia.

Growing Neroli 91

Growers who wanted to cultivate this strain should use soil and the warm and sunny climate as a medium. Thus, this can be grown indoors or outdoors. Additionally, this strain will give it best when the environment is more controlled (lighting, water).

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