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Nepalese marijuana from its name is a local landrace from Nepal that is composed purely in Sativa. This is regularly used as a reproducing strain and it has a popcorn shape in its nugs. Golden long hairs along with resinous buds and white trichomes will be found in its appearance.

Flavor and Effects of Nepalese

This strain will hit you with sweet, citrus, lemon, and woody flavors. This high is a fast overwhelming hitter that quickly leaves you cheerful, innovative, and motivated. This impact prompts a tingly buzz that maintains the soothing buzz. A soothing buzz this instigate that casually bring you back to your bed to doze off.

Medical Benefits of Nepalese

The elevating high this gives can comfort issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. It will leave you feeling more focused than before which can be the best remedy for ADD or ADHD. If you have difficulty in eating you can take advantage of this marijuana strain as it boosts appetite. Bodily sicknesses like chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, and fibromyalgia will be cured by this strain.

Negative Effects of Nepalese

You will feel parched in the mouth when you take this strain. This may also instigate dryness and irritation in the eyes. A slight case of a slight paranoia may possibly happen if you are new to this.

Growing Nepalese

Nepalese cannabis strain is resistant to molds that are caused by the cold climate and humid atmosphere. This can likewise withstand plunging temperatures. Only your assistance like giving enough nutrients is needed best as this got those withstanding abilities mentioned above.