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Nepalese Jam

Nepalese Jam

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Nepalese Jam is sometimes called €œNepal Jam€ and is created in India, which crosses the genetics of a male Jamaican €˜85 and a female Nepalese by the Ace Seeds. This strain will give you a beautiful jam together with yourself, the people around you, and the environment.

Flavor and Effects of Nepalese Jam

Nepalese Jam gives you the earthy, woody, tropical, fruity, and tangy flavor. Consumption on this strain would drive you towards a head-high situation. Thus, this uplifts your spirit and will make you feel the state of happiness in a greater sense. Also, this keeps your ability to focus on things that tends you to help to stay calm in the situation. Consumer’s creativity would come in increasing the level of it. Furthermore, it’s best to take this when you wanted to relax after a long day.

Medical Benefits of Nepalese Jam

Nepalese Jam will give you its best jam on medical aspects as it helps in curing some health problems. This jam will help in leveling down the state of stress and depression. Also, this relieves muscle cramps or spasm, eases inflammation, and cures any type of chronic fatigue. Thus, this strain is also great in elevating one’s appetite.

Negative Effects of Nepalese Jam

A consumer with low or high doses of this would experience dry mouth and dry eyes. Hence, a consumer with a high dose of this will experience anxiousness and dizziness.

Growing Nepalese Jam

This strain easy to cultivate as to whether indoor or outdoor will be a place to cultivate. This strain uses soil and warm climate as a medium to cultivate this. Hence, this strain needs to be trimmed as it grows faster. Also, this strain should be indulged with more water for best buds.

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