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Neil Haze

Neil Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is created by crossing the genetics of Northern Lights #5 x Haze by Kannabia Seed Company. This hybrid rewards grower with generous crops and massive lanky characteristics.

Flavor and Effects of Neil Haze

This strain has a fruity and spicy flavor. Taking this would make you feel like floating on cloud nine as it soars up your mind and body. Thus, this will elevate euphoria and induce more laughter. Uplifting your mood or spirit, this strain will also give. If you wanted to create something new in your eyes or mind, then taking this would help you with that as it draws your creativity and enhances it. Furthermore, this may help you to keep socially active as it raises guts on talking with people.

Medical Benefits of Neil Haze

This strain will ease down the haze feeling you’ve always got and wanted to get rid of. The kind of hazy thoughts that keep on dragging you in-depth of sadness will be now replaced by happiness as this strain will help you with that. Also, this is great for curing stress. In the physical aspect, this strain will relieve any type of pain like cramps, headaches, or back pain.

Negative Effects of Neil Haze

Neil Haze won’t give clouded thoughts but will make you feel the drying of your mouth and eyes. Occasionally, this will also let you experience paranoia, dizziness, or headaches.

Growing Neil Haze

Growers who wanted to cultivate this strain should possess experienced or great skills on this. This strain needs a lot of monitoring and things to be done to achieve its characteristics in perfect. Thus, the very easy move to cultivate this is to have a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate.

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