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Nanas Fix

Nana’s Fix

This sativa-dominant hybrid is created by crossing the genetics of Grandma’s Sugar Cookies (from Johnston’s Genetics) and Loud Sour (from Loud Seeds) by Pollen Nation Elite Genetics. Taking this strain will surely fix on to consumers.

Flavor and Effects of Nana’s Fix

The wonderful combination of sweet and floral taste with the touch of tea and herbal tones flavor this strain gives. Consumption of this strain will increase euphoria, where it slips you in the dimension of new happiness and laughter. Hence, it elevates the mood, which will sweep you away in a bad mood. Nana’s Fix hybrid will also unlock your creativity and draws your thoughts into a more beautiful combination of ideas.

Medical Benefits of Nana’s Fix

This strain’s second name is the same with medical benefits as it focuses on giving a “fix” on your health. Breaking up the cage from depressing moments, this strain will give you. Also, this fixes the creeping pain you always felt. Muscle spasms or cramps would be ease by consuming this strain. Furthermore, it cures headaches or migraines and any kind of fatigue. Additionally, this strain is best on leveling down an inflammatory level.

Negative Effects of Nana’s Fix

The drying of your mouth (cottonmouth) and eyes would be present if the consumption of this strain will be done. However, indulgence in this strain will result in head headaches anxiousness.

Growing Nana’s Fix

This strain does not require much effort upon growing this. Growers can either choose an indoor or outdoor setting to cultivate this strain. Hence, the best climate to give is the am and sunny climate. Growers should use soil as a medium and inculcate the right amount of water and light. Also, this can be grown in a greenhouse where the climate is being controlled.

Best Place To Buy Nana’s Fix

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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