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Mystery 98

Mystery 98

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This indica-dominant hybrid remains mysterious upon which parents of strain this came from. However, it is known that it descends from Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Thus, this hybrid gives a high level of CBD.

Flavor and Effects of Mystery 98

The earthy touch partnered with a spicy tone this strain will give you. Mystery 98 gives the feeling of happiness, and it increases the euphoric level. Thus, it also makes you feel relax. Furthermore, taking this strain would be best if you wanted to initiate some conversations with new people. Hence, taking this strain would make you feel hungry.

Medical Benefits of Mystery 98

The chaotic line of stressful thoughts with the stressful emotions and surroundings would be replaced into a non-stressful one. As you will take this strain, this will give you the ability to overcome stress. Also, this strain is good in curing insomnia. Furthermore, consuming this may reduce chronic pains, specifically arthritis. This strain is also best on elevating the appetite, so as it sends you in good relationship with meals.

Negative Effects of Mystery 98

Consuming this strain at low or high levels in dosage may experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Hence, as this strain cures insomnia, in some rare cases, it increases their insomnia. Also, a bit of dizziness and mild to moderate headaches would be felt.

Growing Mystery 98

Mystery 98 hybrid can be cultivated indoors or outdoor. Growing this strain may require soil as a medium, enough water to suffice the plant, enough light to penetrate through, and may best be grown in a sunny climate. Using of hydroponic method would be best for cleaner buds.