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This strain is an indica dominant strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors, a distantly popular indica strain that will grant you with cheer and joyous sensations the Murkle as it is well known for its capability to alleviate pain and helps with emotional and psychological problems. Murkle buds are truly beautiful.

Flavor and Effects of Murkle Strain

This strain has a sweet, earthy, and pungent flavor and is reported to have a distinct grape flavor and may induce sleepy, talkative, euphoric, happy, and hungry feeling. Murkle cannabis strain delivers a high that leaves one relaxed and sedated and provides a more mellow high.

Medical Benefits of Murkle Strain

This strain has a highly sedative quality to it, making this a perfect natural remedy for insomnia and can also help with a number of medical conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, stress, anorexia, arthritis, backaches, and migraines. It is known to help with mood disorders such as depression, mood swings, and bipolar disorder.

Negative Effects of Murkle Strain

If taken in higher portions, Murkle can cause users to encounter some dizziness, headaches, anxiety, and paranoia. It can also make you undergo dehydration, making your eyes and mouth to feel dry.

Growing Murkle Strain

Some information and tips in cultivating Murkle strain are it is reported to be easy because of its resiliency to common mold and mildew this strain has an adaptable characteristic that can grow both indoor and outdoor and the best tip to ensure maximum yield potential it to top off the plants early to promote more lateral growth.