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Mud Bite

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There are very few known about Mud Bite. This strain started in Ketchikan, Alaska, among an enclave of float houses. When the tide subsided, and the float homes failed, they proceeded to rest on the cold, muddy seafloor, which was introduced to as the Mud Bight. This 75% indica-dominant strain is the opportunity of a long lost descendant of Afghani heredity revamped in Alaska.

Flavor and Effects of Mud Bite Strain

Mud Bite has a high that can uplift you up into a blissful dream state nearly immediately after taking it. It brings with it an astonishingly relaxing and warming body buzz that completely sedates you, making you feel sleepy and happy for hours on end. 

Medical Benefits of Mud Bite Strain

This medical marijuana strain is exceptional to use at night since it has soothing properties that can help you sleep more deeply. Mud Bite is also known to help with medical conditions such as chronic pain, joint and backaches, muscle spasms, cramps, and fatigue.

Negative effects of Mud Bite Strain

Like most cannabis strains out there, the most noticeable adverse effects that you can expect from Mud Bite are dry mouth and dry eyes, a common adverse effect.

Growing Mud Bite Strain 

The main reason why it is quite challenging to cultivate Mud Bite is that the breeders of this strain are unknown, and its seeds or trimmings may be hard to come by. But if you do get the opportunity of growing these plants, it is recommended to top them off early to promote lateral growth.