Mt. Rainier

This well-balanced hybrid shows the splendid picture of a snow-capped mountain and named after it, Mt. Rainer. This strain is created by crossing the genetics of Northern Lights #5 and White Lotus by the RedEyed Genetics from the Pacific Northwest.

Thus, this strain gives frosty flowers, and this is best to consume in the daytime, but should not indulge too much as to stay functional and productive.

Flavor and Effects of Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainer strain gives you the frosty flavor of sweet, citrus, pine, and woody with the touch of skunky and earthy tones that you’ll enjoy. Taking this strain will make you feel tingly, which then will turn out you to feel happy. As it uplifts your mood, this may also address relaxation, which will send you on the couch and feel happy doing nothing. Furthermore, this strain may increase arousal.

Medical Benefits of Mt. Rainier

From all the different stress you’ve always dealt with will be now long gone. As you take this strain, this will be a great medication for relieving stress. Also, this can relieve any fatigue you have always in. Any type of pain or headaches would be also cured by this strain. Moreover, if you wanted to get a good long sleep in the evening and wanted to overcome insomnia, then taking this would be advised (with the right dosage).

Negative Effects of Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainer gives you the effects of drying your mouth and eyes. In some rare cases, you may experience paranoia.

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