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Mt. Hood Magic

Mt. Hood Magic

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Mt. Hood Magic resulted in an indica-dominant hybrid that is created by crossing the genetics of Northern Lights #5 and Durban Poison. This strain is exclusive in Portland, Oregon, dispensary Zero Trees. This consists few various phenotypes, which are the two indica-dominants and the resemblance of NL5’s genetics and the sativa-dominant from its parent Durban Poison.

Flavor and Effects of Mt. Hood Magic

The flavourful combination of citrus, lime, berry, fruity, mint, skunky, and earthy touch this strain will let you savor upon taking this strain. Also, this strain gives the best quality of uplifting the spirit. Thus, this strain boosts energy, which will help you enjoy accomplishing tasks. Moreover, this increases the euphoric level, which then is good for the laugh-inducing situation. Additionally, this helps you to relax.

Medical Benefits of Mt. Hood Magic

Mt. Hood Magic hybrid magically takes away all your fatigues as you take on this. Thus, it drives you away in the line of depression and stress, which will make you overcome it. Furthermore, it is great to ease pain and tones down inflammation. People who have trouble sleeping at night may make this strain as a medication as it easily lulls you in a deep sleep.

Negative Effects of Mt. Hood Magic

Taking this strain will let you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Hence, too much usage of this or the novice users may feel dizziness and paranoia.

Growing Mt. Hood Magic

Mt. Hood Magic hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoor. Thus, this strain thrives best in a cool temperature, unlike the other strains that prefer a warm climate. The usage of fertilizer is advised to draws out more buds.

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