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Mt. Cook

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This indica dominant strain was produced by New Zealand-based Kiwi seeds and is a cross between Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Afghani indica landrace.

Flavor and Effects of Mt. Cook Strain

This strain has a Sour, Diesel, ammonia, herbal, and spicy flavor; users of this strain have reported having experienced muscular tension begins to dissipate, and some cognitive phenomena can take effect. When this strain is used, one may expect to feel creative, sedated, relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric

Medical Benefits of Mt. Cook Strain

With the strains CBD content, this strain works effectively against various types of aches and pains, and this strain is used to treat medical ailments such as Anxiety, Migraines, Depression, and insomnia; it is also used to alleviate pain and symptoms of Insomnia, Nightmares, and stress.

Negative Effects of Mt. Cook Strain

This strain has a high THC content which may take on effect on the nervous system and may trigger bouts of recursive thinking and a strong feeling of time dilation is commonly reported as a side effect

Growing Mt. Cook Strain

Some information and tips about this strain is it’s hardy indica structure and can withstand several unpredictable circumstances such as strong gusts of wind, fluctuation in temperature, and changes in weather, because it is an indica predominant strain it does not need a huge space to grow as it is naturally short in stature, avoid giving the plant too much food and water as it will stunt its growth and the proper ventilation is a must when growing this strain.