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Ms. Universe

Ms. Universe

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This sativa-dominant hybrid is created from crossing the genetics of Des*tar hybrid with Space Queen. Ms. Universe is from the Dynasty Seeds that gives a beautiful appearance in both appearance and effects. This strain is said to drive you in-universe, and pageantry smiles.

Flavor and Effects of Ms. Universe

The various flavor such as sweet, pineapple, berry, candy, caramel, cherry, citrus, and vanilla this strain gives you. Those galaxies which look appealing would appeal you in the sense of happiness as it increases euphoria. Also, this strain will give you more thoughts on what to utter on an on-going conversation with people where it taps the talkative side of yours. Thus, taking this gives the best relaxation and lulls you in a deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of Ms. Universe

Ms. Universe hybrid gives beauty to depression, which helps you to manage and overcome it. Thus, this strain also eases pain like cramps on any part of the body. Hence, accidental or not, fatigues you always endure will be cured by this strain.

Negative Effects of Ms. Universe

Taking this strain will let you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Thus, this may also let you experience dizziness, headache, or paranoia with too much usage.

Growing Ms. Universe

Ms. Universe hybrid is resistant to common molds and mildew, which will help you in growing this. Thus, this can be grown indoors or outdoor. And if this strain is to be grown indoor, use the Screen of Green method to get the best potency. Hence, if grown outdoor, expose it on a dry and sunny climate. Also, you may use fertilizers to add more nutrients to the plant.