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Mr. Tusk

This indica-dominant hybrid is created by Kushman Veganics concerning to releasing of Kevin Smith’s film Tusk. This strain is a phenotype of Ken’s OG Kush that is limitedly available at Buds & Roses in Los Angeles. This strain is considered to be mellower than to its counterpart White Walrus. Thus, this strain is sometimes called €œPurple Drank€ due to its flavor and aroma.

Flavor and Effects of Mr. Tusk

The touch of citrus, together with sweet, berry, grapefruit, herbal, and spicy tones, this strain allows you to enjoy upon consuming it. Thus, this also gives the tingly effect, which automatically increases the euphoric level and makes you feel happy. Also, this strain is best in setting the conversation on to strangers or colleagues. Hence, this also gives the best relaxation after a tiring day.

Medical Benefits of Mr. Tusk

Mr. Tusk hybrid is such a healer on patients who are showing symptoms of depression and stress. Thus, this strain is also a great medication on bodily pain. Specifically, headaches and muscle spasms will be easily eased.

Negative Effects of Mr. Tusk

The drying of your mouth and eyes may be experienced upon consuming this strain. Also, this will make you feel dizziness, headache, or paranoia if usage is not being observed.

Growing Mr. Tusk

Mr. Tusk hybrid can be grown indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. As this strain is highly resistant to molds and mildew, then growing this outdoor would be possibly easy. Also, this strain is best to be grown in a dry, warm, and Mediterranean-like climate. Generally, the usage of soil as a medium is best to do on this.

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