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Mr. Nice

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Mr. Nice Guy is a cross of G13 and Hash Plant strains. Sensi Seed Bank was the one who enhanced this weed. It is named after in honor of Howard Marks, who is an Oxford Graduate and also known as one of the biggest cannabis smugglers of all time in the 1980s. Its plant bears dense buds that generate a gentle mind-body melt. Experts said this strain is suitable for evening and bedtime use because of its sedating properties.

Flavor and Effects of Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy carries an intense earthy flavor, which is refreshing in the senses. It is both sweet and spicy and gives a mellow fruitiness when smoked. People enjoy this because of its pine and woody aftertaste. Mr. Nice Guy provides users a foggy cerebral high accompanied by intense body buzz. The good things about the strain are; it lifts moods and stimulates chattiness and giggles.

Medical Benefits of Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy is calming both mind and body, which is useful in combat against signs and symptoms of chronic stress. It is also excellent in soothing different aches and pains in the body. Mr. Nice Guy is confirmed to be effective in easing depression and anxiety, and, as well as helping people with restlessness and insomnia.

Negative Effects you Expect from Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy makes users feel parched, accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. It also gives dry mouth and mild dizziness, headache, anxious, and paranoid.

Growing Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy is not that easy to handle, so it is not recommended for beginner growers. It is necessary for special attention, such as trimmed and maintained in optimize settings. This plant wants a sunny and warm Mediterranean climate because it loves sunlight to flourish abundantly.