Mozambique Poison

Mozambique Poison is well known for the healers in its native region as it cures sickness. This strain is available through Holy Smoke Seeds. Also, this strain has very rare genetics and a pure landrace strain from the region of Durban Poison.

Flavor and Effects of Mozambique Poison

Mozambique Poison presents the electric zinger flavor, which will drive you in stoney-effects that last for hours. Taking this strain tangles your mood in one place and allows you to laugh more. Also, consuming this will enhance the creativity you always had. Thus, this strain is such a great factor in increasing the euphoric level, which will boost your mind in cloud nine. Furthermore, this strain will give you the best relaxation after taking it.

Medical Benefits of Mozambique Poison

Mozambique Poison hybrid will give medication to your poisonous pain. Consuming this strain will help you in managing and overcoming depression and stress. Thus, this is also great on bodily pains like chronic pains like headaches or migraines and muscle cramps, which help on easing on it. Additionally, this relives inflammation.

Negative Effects of Mozambique Poison

Novice or seasoned consumers taking this strain will let them experience the drying of mouth and eyes. However, for novice users or consumers in high consumption of this may experience headache, dizziness, or paranoia.

Growing Mozambique Poison

Growers can choose whether indoor or outdoor on growing this strain. Thus, this strain easily adapts well to the environment, but the best is to grow in a more warm, Mediterranean-like climate. Monitoring should be done to help keep the pests and diseases away. The right amount of water should be also given to release its best quality.

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