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Mountain Temple

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Crossing together the renowned strains namely Temple and Appalachia created this Mountain Temple cannabis strain. This has resinous buds and the nugs are so appealing in their green color. Alongside, it has orange hairs that are then covered by crystal-like trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Mountain Temple

A skunk taste matched with spicy, melon, and citrus hints will be tasted when taking this strain. This bud is ideal if you are on occasions that need you to keep motivated around people. A tender lift will begin, satisfying you with a feeling of blissfulness and elation of the euphoria. The end game would be on the bed as this will prompt you to take a long rest.

Medical Benefits of Mountain Temple

The strong stimulating properties of this strain will bring a mellow buzz that will enhance the mind and cures stress, depression, and mood swings. An upgrade in your appetite will happen as this eases appetite loss. You will be then found in profound joy as this heals any types of pain like cramps, spasms, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Mountain Temple

Dryness in the mouth and eyes will happen once you use Mountain Temple strain. This will elate paranoia, headache, and anxiety when you also elate your dosage.

Growing Mountain Temple

Growing this strain is never too hard or too easy at all as this needs some of your growing skills. A warm environment is needed to help this strain grow well. Infuse some fertilizers on the strain to keep it healthier and brings more yields.