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Mountain Girl

The crossing of Willy’s Wonder, Granddaddy Purple, and White Widow create the perfect balanced strain Mountain Girl. Crossed its genetics by the Pilot Farm is a strain from a native soil on the steep mountain are overlooking the Colestin Valley in Southern Oregon.

Flavor and Effects of Mountain Girl

Earthy, spicy, herbal, sage, grape, sweet, and skunky flavor can be found on this strain. As it gives a delicious flavor, this is also best in uplifting the spirit. This stain draws you into the realm of happiness. Also, this is great for keeping you relax at all costs. Hence, your creativity will start to unravel and tangles all of it. Furthermore, this will help you in taking shyness as it gives you the guts to communicate socially.

Medical Benefits of Mountain Girl

Depression, which is rampant nowadays, can be cured by this strain as it helps in elevating one’s emotions and thoughts. Thus, this strain is also good for easing stress. Physically, this strain can cure fatigue like the headache or migraines and muscle cramps.

Negative Effects of Mountain Girl

Drying of mouth and eyes is being presented by this strain upon taking this. However, dizziness, headache, and paranoia may occur if too much consumption is done.

Growing Mountain Girl

In a warm, dry, and sunny climate when grown outdoors, this strain gives the best potency. However, you can still grow this indoor and get its great potency. Thus, this strain possessed resistance to mold and mildew, which will help you in growing.

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