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Mountain Girl X Grape Ape

The well-balanced hybrid Mountain Girl X Grape Ape is created by crossing the genetics of an herbal fragrance from a Mountain Girl hybrid together with the Grape Ape hybrid.

Flavor and Effects of Mountain Girl X Grape Ape

The touch of the earth with the tones of herb and grape this strain will give upon taking this. Not just having a good flavor, this also gives the best energetic strain that will drive you in never-ending energy to enjoy things. Also, this uplifts the spirit, which then will draw you in a state of happiness. Furthermore, this unravels creativity and then enhances it.

Medical Benefits of Mountain Girl X Grape Ape

Mountain Girl X Grape Ape hybrid is a strain which is great on boosting appetite. Thus, this can be an anti-depressant as it elevates the spirit and ideas. Additionally, this can be the best medication for insomnia. In physical aspects, this strain is best in easing headache or migraine and tones down inflammation.

Negative Effects of Mountain Girl X Grape Ape

Taking this strain will let you experience the drying of eyes and mouth. Occasionally, this will drive you in a state of anxiousness if too much dosage is taken. However, the tingly feeling this strain sends will somewhat make you feel irritated.

Growing Mountain Girl X Grape Ape

This strain can be grown indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. If grown indoors, use the hydroponic method to get the best potency. Thus, expose this strain on a warm, Mediterranean-like climate to give the best flavor, aroma, and buds.

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