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The breath coming from a long journey in motorbikes gives the contentment sentiments. Motorbreath is created by crossing the genetics of Chemdog and SFV OG Kush by the Pisces Genetics.

The great combination of hues and the minty green spade shape bud together with long orange hairs that covered in amber crystal trichomes this strain will let you enjoy the beauty of growing it. Thus, this award-winning strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, which is a must-try for smokers. However, if you’re a novice one, better take cautions on the dosage.

Flavor and Effects of Motorbreath

Motorbreath per to its name allows you to indulge in the tasteful flavor of fuel, chemical, with the hints of meaty together with the lemon, pine, and garlic touches. Imagine you are traveling on the road, giving you the vibes to enjoy nature, gives you the feeling of happiness by the normal happenings in the world. Like that, this strain will draw your heart to enjoy the scenery and then gives you a relaxing feeling upon observing it.

As this strain increase the euphoric level, this will unlock your thoughts and feelings in much happiness. Thus, your spirit will be more uplifted, which will make you put a smile on your face. Moreover, if you wanted to finish some touches of a project that involves artistry or uniqueness, then taking this would unravel the creativity of your in no hazy moments. Hence, it will insanely send clear concepts on how to tangle your ideas beautifully.

Medical Benefits of Motorbreath

Patients who wanted to let go of the tight grip of any pain would be possible by taking this strain. Motorbreath hybrid cures nausea, which is good for enjoying leisure activities, which won’t stir your stomach. Thus, this can also be great at boosting appetite. So better have some snacks or a decent meal with you to keep away the hunger. All those every night problem where sleeping seems to be a hard job will be now solved by this strain. Hence, consuming this cures insomnia.
Bodily pains like inflammation and cramps would be now relieved by this strain as it sends soothing chemicals to every part of your limbs. Furthermore, this strain is a great help to manage and then overcome stress and depression totally.

Negative Effects of Motorbreath

Consumption of Motorbreath hybrid will let you experience the drying of eyes and mouth. Novice consumers who are satisfied consuming this and wanted more may experience dizziness, headache, and anxiousness, as to its higher level of consumption.

Growing Motorbreath

Motorbreath thrives on being grown indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. Thus, if this strain is to be grown indoor, use the Screen of Green method as it helps you to give the best resin buds. And if grown outdoors, expose in much sunlight to achieve the best yields. Observation must be done on this strain to keep it away from pests and diseases.