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Mothers Milk

Mother’s Milk

The feminine and the lovely touch of this sativa-dominant hybrid is created by crossing the genetics of Nepali OG and Appalachia. Mother’s Milk is a strain that’s coated in sparkling trichomes. Thus, this resulted in an insanely pleasing bud that’s perfect for any experience level of users. With the name itself, this hybrid is great on giving the care (effects) like a mother’s love that helps you in overcoming the things.

Flavor and Effects of Mother’s Milk

The lovely dairy flavor of milk with the touch of vanilla and sweet honey with the opposite touch of citrus this strain gives you and will let you enjoy throughout the day. It is giving the baby milk from the mom to ease hunger or to get it to sleep. Thus, this strain is also like that as it tends you to drive in a dreamy, relaxing state still witch decent head clarity.

Despite feeling the softness of limbs going into the couch to grip sleep, this strain may still unravel the ideas of your creativity, which you’ve always hidden. The heavy head-high effect of this strain is great to consume late in the evening as it drives you to enjoy relaxation or take couples of round-walk in your backyard or your neighborhood. Also, this will uplift your mood that it will give you much laughter.

Medical Benefits of Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk hybrid that gives the calming feeling as it replaces the stress and depressing sentiments to tranquillity. By this strain’s sedation, it draws your ache in healing. Thus, taking this will help in easing muscle spasms or cramps. The inflammatory level would be also tone done. Hence, all the troubles you have always kept upon sleeping so hard at night would now have vanished as this strain easily lulls you in a deep sleep. Additionally, this relieves anxiousness and trains your ability to keep paranoia in place.

Negative Effects of Mother’s Milk

Users who have sensitive sight may want to take some precautions on taking this at it gives the itchy and drying of your eyes. Thus, this also gives the drying of your mouth. Occasionally, they may feel or experience a slight cough. However, too much indulge in this strain or the novice consumers taking this would experience dizziness and headache.

Growing Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk has a flexible strain where it can flourish outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse environments. The controlled climate must be warm and Mediterranean-like. Novice growers may work best to grow this as it’s easy to grow. Thus, this strain can constantly survive on to whatever happenings in the environment. However, if you wanted to get more of the desired yields, then using fertilizer together with the right amount of water should be encouraged.

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Excelent (9.5)

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