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Mothers Helper

Mother’s Helper

Mother’s Helper is created by crossing the genetics of Chocolope and Northern Lights #5, which resulted in a balanced composition of indica and sativa. The strain’s parents are from opposite genetics that resulted in various phenotypes. This strain can get the better of you if you won’t take precautions on using this.

Flavor and Effects of Mother’s Helper

Mother’s Helper is renowned for its beautiful taste of earthy, sweet, citrus, tea, and berry. As it gives the astonishing flavor, taking this will enhance your creative and focused ability. Thus, this strain is also great on uplifting one’s mood and will give you more laughter.

Medical Benefits of Mother’s Helper

Inspired by its name, this strain gives the best help in overcoming depression. Thus, this strain is also great in easing stress. In line with physical pains like fatigue and headaches, this hybrid will ease the pain on that.

Negative Effects of Mother’s Helper

In low or high usage of this strain, this will make your mouth and eyes dry. Also, this may make you feel dizziness, headache, or anxiousness.

Growing Mother’s Helper

Mother’s Helper hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoor. Thus, growing this should be in a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, which is away from frost. Hence, the great thing about this plant is the resistance to common molds and mildew, which is a great help for growing easily. Also, this strain should be given the exact amount of water and light.

Best Place To Buy Mother’s Helper

Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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