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Mother’s Finest

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This strain is one of the finest Sativa predominant and it comes from the genetics of Haze and Jack Herer. Virtuosos at the Sensi Seedes created this Mother’s Finest marijuana strain. The nugs are long in mint green colors, hairs in amber colors, and trichomes in a white hue.

Flavor and Effects of Mother’s Finest

Lemon, sweet, citrus, and spicy is expected in this strain’s flavors. Mother’s Finest is popular for its madly incredible cerebral impacts. This high will begin with a heavy head high that will inspire and will giggle you. You will be madly joyous along with being so inventive. An empowered focus will happen next and then it will draw you drowsiness.

Medical Benefits of Mother’s Finest

Mother’s Finest strain can help treat torments like chronic fatigue, eye pressure, headache, migraine, and joint inflammation. Additionally, this is ideal for treating stress, depression, mood disorders, and anxiety. It will cut off your ability to not taking more food as this boosts your appetite.

Negative Effects of Mother’s Finest

The lethargic dehydrated feeling will be encountered once you utilize this cannabis strain. This will happen in the mouth and eyes, and sometimes worst cases may occur like anxiety and migraine when the dosage is high.

Growing Mother’s Finest

To encourage the feminine attribute of this strain, you must soak this or use the pre-germination method. You can also use the Low-Stress Training (LST) method to protect it from transforming into herma. The warm and sunny atmosphere will ought best.