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Mother Of Berries

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Often times referred to as simply €œMOB,€ this indica dominant hybrid was created out of Blueberry genetics. Its original breeders were Amsterdam-based TH Seeds. Famed for its incredibly strong body stone and mouthwatering fragrance, Mother of Berries, won 2nd place for the Best Indica in the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup. The plant is distinguished by its large and eye-catching flowers that adhere to each other in a pinecone formation. The leaves are sage green in color with deep purple hints. Amber pistils and white crystalline trichome complete the look.

Flavor and Effects of Mother of Berries

As its name implies, the Mother of Berries strain smells like berries. It has a strong and pungent berry fragrance with earthy undertones that can instantly fill a room once a bag is opened. To further enhance its aromatic profile, the strain also tastes like overripe berries. On exhale, a fruity blueberry taste lingers on the mouth long after your last exhale.

The effects of this strain may take up to 15 minutes before revealing itself. That being said, it is important to be patient with a few puffs and avoid overconsuming this strain. On the onset, you will immediately feel odd visual distortions as well as the intensification of certain sounds. These trippy sensations will eventually be taken over with a bodily buzz that is heavily sedating. You will find yourself looking for the nearest couch or bed or any horizontal space to lie down. Soon, you will be lulled to deep and relaxing sleep.

What are the Medicinal  Benefits of Mother of Berries

With its potent effects, the Mother of Berries provides a number of therapeutic value. Patients who are suffering from certain aches and pains will find relief in smoking this bud. Headaches, migraines, cramps, arthritis, and muscle spasms will easily be treated. Insomniacs who have been craving for a deep and fulfilling sleep will also find the Mother of Berries especially helpful.

Negative Effects of Mother of Berries

At high doses, the Mother of Berries cannabis strain can induce mild bouts of paranoia and nausea, especially during its psychedelic onset. Moderation should always be followed when smoking this strain.

Growing Mother of Berries

The Mother of Berries can be grown outdoors and indoors. Its flowering time is very brief; within 7 to 8 weeks, it will be able to reward its growers with its maximum yield. When cultivated outdoors, this plant demands a temperate and dry Mediterranean climate. It also grows short and bushy with light-blocking leaves, so regular pruning is required to ensure nourishment reaches the low-growing nodes. Aside from that, this plant is relatively easy to grow. It is resistant to any common diseases.

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