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Mother Of All Cherries

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House Genetic developed this Mother of All Cherries cannabis strain. It is the combination of Mother of Berries and Cherry Pie strains. The short name of this is MOAC. MOAC provides a broad, well-formed flower; that is why it is appealing to look.

The buds are tapered, elongated in shape, which looks like a miniature of cypress trees. Its leaves have the color of deep purple and accentuated by occasional patches of pale green. The curly orange pistil it carries gives more visual contrast, and their trichomes are white cloudy when stared. Mother of All Cherries is ideal for evening and night time use.

What are the Elavors and Effects of Mother of All Cherries

MOAC provides a sweet taste, marked by distinct notes of cherry along with berry undertones. When smoked longer, its flavors become sour and earthy. When exhaled, its aftertaste is fruity and sour. This strain induces an intense body high to the users. It begins along with an overall deep relaxation, particularly in the body. Due to this, it drifts users into a sleepy feeling.

Medical Benefits of Mother of All Cherries

Mother of All Cherries strain can help people with ADD to focus, and then the upbeat mood it provides can temporarily improve the symptoms of stress and depression. Patients who are predisposed to panic or anxiety should take this with caution. MOAC can even soothe injuries and various body pains due to chronic conditions like lupus. It has an anti-inflammatory property that is a treatment for stomach aches or headaches.

Negative Effects of Mother of All Cherries

One of the not so good results of this strain is that smokers are apt to lessen some of their earlier motivation. It melts the body into a complete couch-lock. Furthermore, it gives them dry mouth, which turns into cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Growing Mother of All Cherries

Its plants can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, it needs a semi-humid climate and daytime temperatures between 70 to 80 degrees. It develops into a short and bushy crop along with a stable network of sideways growing branches. It can blossom into purple hues if it exposes to nighttime temperatures that range from 10 to 15 degrees below average, just before it starts to flower.

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