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Mossimo OG

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The developers of this plant did not share the lineage of this strain. This marijuana is known because this was a top competitor of the 2010 High Times’ Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.It bears buds that are medium in size and has a shape of fluffy spade-shaped dark olive green in color along with dark, curly, leaves, and has to reach amber hair with sticky layers of sweet syrupy resin. This strain is suitable for night time medical and recreational use due to its sedating properties.

Flavor and Effects of Mossimo OG

Mossimo OG is a very savory strain due to it’s sweet, honey, and apple taste, along with a touch of tangy, pungent, and lime. It provides a surprising aftertaste of sweet, skunky, and pine. Its effects induce inspiriting cerebral euphoria that becomes into body buzz until it gives relaxation to the users.

Medical Benefits of Mossimo OG

Mossimo OG is known as very useful in the treatment and cure of some mental health problems such as anxiety-related disorders like panic attacks and PTSD. This strain is further highly efficient as an antidepressant and stress reliever. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic property that gives users great pain relief for various pains and body aches. Lastly, many said this strain is perfect sleeping aid because it provides good quality sleep.

Negative Effects of Mossimo OG

Mossimo OG causes users couch-locked. It can make their eyes and mouth dry until it becomes itchy.

Growing Mossimo OG

Mossimo OG plant is necessary to be topped and pruned at all times, so growers must always take a look while it is developing. Growers should know the proper plant care for an indica type of strain like this. Lastly, this plant is resistant to common plant diseases such as molds and powdery mildew.