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Mossad Strain originated from San Fernando Valley, enhanced by Terraform Genetics. It is the combination of Conspiracy Kush and Kosher Kush strains. This strain may disclose one of the two sets of characteristics but depends upon on the phenotype. The first one is Mossad OG, and the second one is the Mossad Kush.

It bears nugs that are large and dense, stunningly covered in trichomes and resin. Most experts said this cannabis is suitable for night time both medical and recreational use.

Flavor and Effects of Mossad Strain

Mossad carries s sweet base highlighted by herbal notes of rose and sage. Just like its aroma, it has a zesty tinge of citric fruits and as well as lemon. When exhaled, it gives a savory woody pine aftertaste remains in the mouth for quite long. This strain induces strong body buzz but with a calming cerebral high followed by deep relaxation and sedation. It also betters mood, relieves stress, and boosts appetite.

Medical Benefits of Mossad Strain

Mossad Strain is known as an excellent source of comfort to people suffering from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. The mental clarity it provides sharpens the senses. It relieves stress accompanied by symptoms such as physical or mental exhaustion. Its psychoactive compound has natural painkilling properties. It can treat nausea, promotes sleep, and has excellent analgesic properties.

Negative Effects of Mossad Strain

The most common side effect of the Mossad strain is that it can green users out. Apart from that, it gives them cottonmouth and dry eyes. It can even trigger anxiety that turns into a subtle feeling of paranoia. Lastly, it can provide users with headaches and make them dehydrated.

Growing Mossad Strain

Mossad Strain plant develops a thick stalk along with equally strong branches. Due to this, strong winds cannot tumble this strain, and it can even combat with various adverse weather conditions like changes in weather. Growers need to invest in temporary closing, especially when it is planted in cold places, especially in the north. With this, it keeps the strain from frosting, which can instantly kill it overnight, and gives additional warmth. Mossad strain is known to be a bushy plant, so it is necessary to have pruned frequently.