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Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is created by crossing the genetics of Afghani, Hawaiian, and Skunk. This hybrid grows fat, resinous colas that are great for extraction; still, the plant structure remains good. This strain’s exciting cerebral and physical effects are great to enjoy with friends.

Flavor and Effects of Morning Glory

Morning Glory gives the sweet, spicy, tropical, and sandalwood flavor that would let you enjoy. Taking this strain will increase the euphoric level, which draws you in the state of uplifted spirit and happiness. Also, this will send giggles on your limbs and mind that enhances creativity. The giggles being sent to the body draws more energy and makes you want to enjoy activities.

Medical Benefits of Morning Glory

Consuming this strain gives a perfect remedy for chronic fatigue like muscle cramps and spasms. Also, this strain will help you to overcome stress as it gives the chemical to elevate moods.

Negative Effects of Morning Glory

Taking this strain will let you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Sometimes, dizziness may be experienced when usage is too much.

Growing Morning Glory

Morning Glory can be grown indoors or outdoor. Thus, this plant gives a pungent scent that can carry over a certain distance, so if privacy is concerned then growing this indoor is best. Also, this strain gives its best potency on Mediterranean-like climate and soil as the medium for growing. The best strategy to be implemented is the hydroponic system.