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Morning Flight

Morning Flight is created by crossing the genetics of a female East Coast Sour Diesel x Mango Haze and a male G13 by the Gage Green Group. Derived from its parent, Haze is a resinous bud that grows tall and guarantees to turn your head. Consumption of this strain before going out would leave you in a situation where you won’t want to go to work and just go for an adventure.

Flavor and Effects of Morning Flight

Morning Flight gives the sweet, skunky, herbal, earthy, and pine flavor. Taking this strain will surely lift your spirit and draws your mood into much happiness and a sense of laziness. Also, this gives the stoney bliss that will leave your body in much relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Morning Flight

Patients who wanted to overcome their irresistible mood swings should take this strain as it helps them to manage and lower it. Thus, people who are suffering from the pain of having migraines should take this as it eases down the pain. Also, this strain will help in boosting your appetite.

Negative Effects of Morning Flight

In low or high consumption of this dosage, this will give the experience of drying your mouth and eyes. Hence, too much usage of this will result in dizziness, headache, or paranoia.

Growing Morning Flight

Morning Flight can be grown indoors or outdoor. If grown indoor, use the Sea of Green (SOG) method for better results. Thus, if grown outdoors, the warm and Mediterranean-like climate should be present to give the strains the best potency.

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